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Company Name: Shanghai Teqiang Fastener Technology Co., Ltd.

Address: 251 Minle Road,Xinhuo Development Zone, shanghai, pudong

Zip: 201419 Tel :021-5750-3499 Fax :021-5750-3498

Date of establishment: April 9, 1996 Chairman of the Board: small, general manager of Linyi Ichiro: Taro pills health

Registered capital: $ 25 million

Capital structure: 2002.09.02 Approval | Japan Co., Ltd. Saga Iron Works 63% | the China Dongfeng Auto Fastener Co., Ltd. 18% | Japan Co., Ltd. Green three production by 12% | 7% of Japan Shinsho Corporation

Area: 60,142 square meters building area: 24,359.8 square meters

Company: Opening Branch, Technical Division, Manufacturing Management Division, Inspection Section, Room Manager, General Affairs Division, Manufacturing Division, Manufacturing Division, the manufacture of three subjects, Development Section, Heat Treatment Division, Surface Treatment Division, Safety and Environmental Protection Division

Main products: cars (especially cars) on the use of high strength bolts with washer bolts, long bolts and special bolts. Between M6 to M14 diameter, length 10mm to 200mm.